Wind Turbine elevation systems


- Rack-and-Pinion system
- The safest technology in the world
- Capacity: Up to 3 people
- Powerful: Up to 300Kg
- Onshore & Offshore oriented (installed up to 6Mw WTG)

Fall Arrest:

- Patented technology
- Certificated (Apave & Nel)

Guide-Ladder + Guide-Rail:

- Unique design in the market
- Welded system - Save assembly time - Save money

A400, A450 & A500 elevation systems

Total availability for tailor-made elevation solutions

The best technology combination in the market: the safest + with the shortest assembly time

Suitable for new & old wind turbines

Patented technology:

Elevator: U9901889
Fall Arrest: U200501866

General Dimensions

Model A400


Model A450


Model A500


TÜVRheinland - ISO 9001-2008