Company Design Team

- Experienced design team
- Tailor-made & standar elevation solutions
- Integrated designs with all components + tower
- Patented designs for elevator & fall arrest

Training courses for comissioning, operation & maintenance:

Apart from the obvious services of elevation system comissioning and annual revision, the company provides training courses to customers in order to make them capable to do these jobs in site. Please contact the company if you are looking for further information.

Study, design & installation of new elevation systems in old windturbines

Sometimes, wind farms developers own old and basic windturbines with no elevators, this obviously, makes maintenance works slower during turbine's entire life. Based on our specific works on this field, we EE has acquired the experience and knowledge to integrate and adapt our flexible new elevation systems to old wind turbines, and make our customers save time and money while preserving worker's health. Contact our company to study your case and we will make you an interesting proposal.