Diseñamos y fabricamos soluciones completas de elevación a medida para instalación y mantenimiento de aerogeneradores. Nuestra evolución a lo largo de los años se puede resumir brecvenebte en estos hitos:

1999:  The company was created to match elevation technology demand in Windpower. Previously the founders worked several years in rack-pinion elevations systems for building construction sector.

1999: Collaboration started with EHN , the first elevator was installed in Spain.

2000-2011: Collaboration  with another companies as MADE , ECOTECNIA (afterwards ALSTOM)    MTOI or ACCIONA  and in our facility ( at Basauri)  began our serial production , more than 2.500 elevators  were delivered.

2011-2015: The company continues manufacturing and delivering rack and pinion elevators for on onshore wind turbines in its new factory.

2011: The company delivered its first offshore elevator for a prototype  wind turbine. This wind turbine was installed in the french coast in 2011.

2012: At the end of this year , our company delivered a second offshore elevator for a second wind turbine prototype. In 2013, this wind turbine was installed in the sea , near the belgian coast.

2014:We reached an agreement to manufacture our elevators in Brazil , with the company ARTAMA.

2014: We delivered a new elevator for concrete wind tubine.

2015: We got our first orders for rack and pinion elevators in Brasil (96 wind turbines)

2017: We reached a collaboration agreement with the german company GORACON Gmbh to develop cable-driven elevaotrs