Standards 2006/42/EC 2006/95/EC 2004/108/EC
Load capacity 300 Kg / 3 People
Dimensions: height/width/depth 2592/1179/1135 mm
Lifting Heights 150m (max.)
Lifting speed 18 m/min
Supply voltage 3-phases/phases 400 Vac +/-10%
Feeding frequency 50/60 Hz +/-2%
Voltage Control 24 Vdc
Power 3600 W
Machine classification Elevator maintenance of wind turbines
Type of control Top keypad+emergency button
Cabin control panel + emergency button
Electrical main panel + emergency button
End-of-Course Race Two electric: top and bottom
Two mechanics: top and bottom
ENGINE Service Three-phase asynchronous
Brake-engine Anti-humidity and anti-corrosion protection
Insulation Class F
Centrifugal brake(tarado) +5% rated speed
Protection IP 55
Load limiter 300 Kg +10%
Service temperature -20 / +40 ºC
Survival temperatures -30 / +50 ªC
Relative humidity in service Max.95% / 40ºC
Height installation above sea level Max. 3.500 m
Corrosion protection Ladder Hot-dip galvanized
Cabin Hot-dip galvanized and aluminium

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